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Once upon a time there was a little girl who told fairy tales to her mother's vintage Martha Washington doll, her favorite toy. She created mystical sagas while configuring elaborate French coifs in the doll's hair. She rewrote her favorite bedtime stories while changing the doll's costumes.

In her teens, she expressed her angst, rebellion and passion on the pages of a worn, cloth-covered journal, with poetry that was both clever and humorous. As an adult, the stories she told herself to fall asleep at night started to haunt her waking hours. She had no choice but to become an author.

Now I write down my stories instead of keeping them to myself or confiding them to my dolls. Be prepared—my novels have been known to make you laugh, cry, or—with any luck—possibly reexamine your own story. So if you like books set in familiar places, or far-off lands, or even those that take place in supernatural realities shrouded in secrecy, you have landed in the right spot. Pull up a cozy chair and escape into the worlds I've created.

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